What is the trip history feature?

The trip history feature allows Mobile Passport plus members to review a record of their previous trips submitted on the app. Members may select a previous trip as a template for their current trip wherein the passenger and travel information will be auto-filled before starting of a new declaration. This information includes the passport profile(s), the airline or cruise line, and the port of entry. Members can quickly edit fields, then complete the declaration form for their current trip.

Frequent travelers often select favorite travel carriers and routes. We believe the trip history feature, in addition to the use of the passport scanner and storage of passport profiles, will speed up the submission process to enter the United States. We will continue to invest more resources into maintaining the highest levels of security in the app, build greater functionality within the app, make operational improvements, as well as create new products and services that will provide value to travelers beyond the Mobile Passport App.

The trip history feature was introduced for use by Mobile Passport plus members in iOS version 3.10.0 and Android version 2.33.0.