Why can’t Airside Mobile cancel my membership or issue a refund of Mobile Passport plus?

Because Mobile Passport is built on the foundation of privacy, Airside does not have a central database or any other means to store receipt validation, which means we cannot remotely locate or cancel memberships. Personal information is only located on the encrypted device and only shared with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) if you choose to make an encrypted one-way submission of your passport information and customs declaration form, just as it would be if you were using an Automated Passport Control kiosk.

Airside uses standard Apple and Google subscription payment modules. After the 7-day free trial period for Mobile Passport plus expires, the App Store or Google Play Store will charge your account and initiate payments as per the applicable annual payout schedule. If you believe that those processes – or any other store policies – are unsatisfactory, please address your concerns directly with the App Store or Google Play Store.