Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Mobile Passport App by Airside?

    From August 2014 to January 2022, the Mobile Passport application by Airside enabled U.S. and Canadian passport holders to submit passport information and answers regarding travel entry to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on a mobile device. 

    Airside designed the Mobile Passport App to reduce the associated administrative and operating functions carried out by CBP, increase the quality of inspections, streamline the traveler’s inspection process, and shorten overall entry wait times (as compared to traditional primary processing).

    On February 1, 2022, Airside's Mobile Passport App was discontinued for the use of submitting passport and travel entry information to CBP. Airside would like to thank CBP and the Airports Council International-North America for the opportunity to provide millions of travelers with the first app for the Mobile Passport Control (MPC) program. We are excited by the path created for the expanded use of mobile passports and driver’s licenses, such as the American Airlines Mobile ID for TSA PreCheck®, now available on the Airside App.

  • What is the Airside Digital Identity App?

    The Mobile Passport App by Airside was just the beginning. We created Airside Digital ID App for new mobile identity services when traveling with American Airlines, renting your dream apartment, showing your health pass and more.

    Store your verified passports and driver’s licenses and other identity documents for free. You decide if, how, and with whom to share your identity. Save time with your digital identity.

  • What is RushMyPassport?

    RushMyPassport is a service provided by Expedited Travel that facilitates online application services for new or renewed U.S. passports with the U.S. Department of State. 

    Airside and Expedited Travel partnered to create a combined service offering of the Mobile Passport App and RushMyPassport online passport application services. To prepare for future trips, travelers can find a direct link to RushMyPassport on the home screen of the Mobile Passport App, and complete the administrative work, digitally, without an in-person visit to a passport office or enrollment center.

    Additional services include form-fill automation for application completion, biometric passport photo services, full-tracking visibility throughout the approval process, and free assistance from passport specialists.

    For more information about the expedited passport and renewal offerings, please visit:

  • What was Mobile Passport plus?

    Mobile Passport plus was the premium version of the Mobile Passport App by Airside that provided convenient features, such as the automated document scanner to quickly and accurately capture passport details, encrypted storage of multiple passports, and a history of previous trips submitted on the app.

    As of February 1, 2022, in-app purchases of Mobile Passport plus will no longer be available.

  • What happens to my Mobile Passport plus subscription now?

    If you made an in-app purchase of Mobile Passport plus, you may continue to access your stored passport(s) and trip history on the app through your subscription’s expiration date.

  • How do I manage my Mobile Passport plus subscription?

    You may determine your subscription status a couple of different ways:

    1.     Store: The best way to determine and manage your subscription status is by visiting the App Store or Google Play Store. You can also refer to the order receipt email sent to you by the store. It will detail the subscription guidelines and links to how you can review your subscription directly in the store. You will not receive an email from the App Store or Google Play Store if you used the free version of Mobile Passport.

    2.     Device Settings: You may open your device settings to view and manage your subscription there.

    a.     iOS: Open device Settings, select [your name], select “iTunes & App Store”, select “Apple ID”, select “View Apple ID”, select “Subscriptions.” If you upgraded to the premium version of Mobile Passport plus, the list of “Options” will show a checkmark next to Mobile Passport plus and a tab directly below to “Cancel Subscription.”

    b.     Android: Open device Settings and select “Apps.” Mobile Passport will only be listed if you have upgraded to Mobile Passport plus. In this case, select “Mobile Passport” and options to manage your subscription. This will direct you to the Google Play Store where you can manage your subscription.

  • How can I get a refund of my Mobile Passport plus subscription?

    Managing subscriptions in the Apple App Store: 

    Given our privacy-by-design commitment, Airside does not maintain a central database to store receipt validation, which means we cannot remotely locate or cancel subscriptions. If you upgraded to a Mobile Passport plus subscription prior to February 1, 2022, the Apple App Store will no longer auto-renew or charge your account and initiate payments per the monthly or annual payout schedule.

    Some purchases from the App Store may be eligible for a refund. Requests can be initiated using a web browser or by using the Settings app on your iPhone.

    How to request a refund using a Web Browser:

    1. Sign in to
    2. Tap or click I’d like to, then choose Request a refund.
    3. Choose the reason why you want a refund, then choose Next.
    4. Choose the app, subscription, or other item, then choose Submit. If you were charged for a subscription that you no longer want, you can also cancel the subscription.

    How to request a refund using the Settings app on your iPhone:

    1. Open the Settings app, then tap [your name] and Subscriptions.
    2. Choose the reason why you want a refund, then choose Next.
    3. Choose the app, subscription, or other item, then choose Submit.

    If you need further assistance with your refund request or have questions about Apple’s refund policy, please contact the App Store directly at or 1-800-275-2273.

    Managing subscriptions in the Google Play Store: 

    To prevent your current subscription from renewing, cancel the auto-renew feature on your device no later than 24 hours before your next billing date.

    Pro-rated refunds are managed by Google and Airside and can be initiated by the one of the following processes:

    1. On a mobile browser, open, tap Order History, locate Mobile Passport and swipe left. Tap More, then select Request a refund or Report a problem. You may also open your device Settings, select Apps, select Mobile Passport, then select App details in-store
    2. Email Airside at [email protected] with your request and include the subscription order number.
  • Who developed the Mobile Passport App?

    Mobile Passport was designed and developed by the company, Airside. Our Mobile Passport App was just the start; it was authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and trusted by 10 million people to streamline the international travel process.

    Our Airside Digital Identity App redefines the concept of mobile passport and the expanded use of mobile ID. People are empowered with consent and control of their identity info while organizations can verify identities in a cost-effective, compliant and secure way. From seamless and safe travel to COVID data access, secure remote authentication and more, Airside is redefining mobile ID. 

    At Airside, we believe all people should enjoy the benefits of data technology to improve their lives. We promise to lead and innovate with our core principle, Privacy First. Human Always™. Everyone deserves to be treated with equality, respect, and dignity because, ultimately, our true identity is as a human always.

    Established in 2009, Airside is headquartered in the Washington DC area and is funded by Blazar Ventures, Grotech Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, and 8VC. Learn more at:

  • How can I receive more help from Airside?

    We’d love to hear from you! Please email us at [email protected].