Mobile Passport Plus

Dear Members,

We launched Mobile Passport in 2014 with the vision of expediting travelers’ arrival into the U.S. and making it incredibly easy to do. No complicated interview or application needed while ensuring the privacy and security of our members’ data. We are humbled that our app now reaches more than six million travelers. It has been incorporated into nearly 30 airports and cruise ports and was featured as Apple’s App of the Day. We owe all of our success to the loyalty and feedback of our members. Thank you!

Today begins a new chapter for Mobile Passport. We’re excited to introduce Mobile Passport plus, a premium version of our app that allows U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors to enjoy all the basic features of Mobile Passport in addition to other convenient features, like use of the automated passport scanner and encrypted storage of passport profiles to prepare for upcoming trips. Mobile Passport plus will be priced at $14.99 per year and we’re providing a free 7-day trial to all members.

By offering Mobile Passport plus, we will be able to invest more resources into building greater functionality within the app, make operational improvements, as well as create new products and services that will provide value to travelers beyond the Mobile Passport app.

We will still offer a free basic version of Mobile Passport that will allow access to the Mobile Passport Control dedicated lanes, however there will be some product limitations. Users of the free version will not be able to store passport information for upcoming trips or use the document scanner to automatically enter their document information. But, they will be able to manually enter and submit their details upon arriving at their port of entry.

At Airside, we’re focused on building innovative digital identity products that not only offer convenience, but also are built with a privacy-by-design approach to empower our consumers in an information sharing world. Thank you for joining us along the journey!

Hans Miller

Founder at Airside