Mobile QuickClear

Flying private?

Mobile Passport is ready to make fast even faster and private even, uh… private-er. Whether you’re puddle-jumping home from a special vacation or racing back to headquarters on a corporate charter, you can now use Mobile Passport to submit your passport information to a private aircraft pilot using Jeppesen’s new Mobile QuickClear service.

Small aircraft have their own challenges to overcome when arriving back in the U.S. — gathering passenger passport data, filing flight manifests, and processing through U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Jeppesen’s new Mobile QuickClear service streamlines those tasks while helping operators comply with new laws and standards around privacy and data protection. Today, together with our partners at Jeppesen, we are proud to announce a new feature for Mobile Passport members flying on general aviation flights — integration with the Mobile QuickClear service for U.S. entry!

Small aircraft pilots and operators can use the Mobile QuickClear app to invite passengers to submit their passport data from their Mobile Passport accounts. Mobile Passport members can review the invitation on their devices and send the necessary passport data to the flight operator securely. Mobile QuickClear builds the flight manifest, submits it, and deletes the sensitive personal information once the flight is complete. No databases, no typos, no fines, and less waiting. It’s fast, secure, accurate, and private.

We know that Mobile Passport members count on us for speed and privacy. Flying private might be a weekly necessity or a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but either way, Mobile Passport is ready to go! Check out our FAQs for more information.

Hans Miller

Founder, Airside